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Our Plans

Personal Plan

$ 19.99

Per Month
  • Any 2 Devices
  • 24/7 Live Monitoring & Support
  • Agency Security Suite
  • Privacy Opt-Out & Threat Analyzer
  • $1M ID Theft & Loss of Funds
  • $25K Cyber Guarantee

Pro Plan

$ 44.99

Per Month
  • Any 5 Devices
  • 24/7 Live Monitoring & Support
  • Agency Advanced Security Suite
  • Privacy Opt-Out & Threat Analyzer
  • $1M ID Theft & Loss of Funds
  • $75K Cyber Guarantee

Family Plan

$ 79.99

Per Month
  • Any 10 Devices
  • 24/7 Live Monitoring & Support
  • Agency Advanced Security Suite
  • Privacy Opt-Out & Threat Analyzer
  • $1M ID Theft & Loss of Funds
  • $150K Cyber Guarantee

How it works

1 Signup

Choose a plan and then register your devices.

2 Personalized Onboarding

Our expert team will activate your devices with our suite of tools and customize Agency to your needs.

3 Protection

Our endpoint management and security apps detect and defend against threats in real-time.

4 Monitoring & Support

Our Scout team monitors threats and responds to issues.

5 Security Resources

Your membership comes with resources like dark web monitoring, personal data removal, and encrypted backups.

6 Coverage & Restoration

If something happens, Agency membership comes with $1M of ID theft and loss of funds coverage with white glove restoration. Plus our Agency Cyber Security Guarantee which covers up to $25K for things like loss of use, loss of income, repair, and replacement. Both are backed by major insurance companies and administered by top providers.


Forget Everything You Know About Security

Agency is 360 protection for only $20/month

More than malware and viruses

Eavesdropping and Invasions of Privacy

Financial Cyber Crimes and Phishing

Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Tools + Live Monitoring + Risk Management

End to End Threat
Monitoring & Defense

Real-Time Virus
& Malware Removal

Comprehensive Phishing


Enhanced Personal

Dark Web

Device Network
Layer Protection

Secure Private
Mobile VPN

Managed Encrypted

24/7 Detection
and Response

$1M Identity
Theft Coverage

Up to $25K Cyber
Security Guarantee

02. Agency Protocol

Agency is Security As A Process. That means that we don’t merely rely on software to protect you. Software can be a powerful tool, but countermeasures that avoid a single type of threat can hardly be called security. The truth is the marketplace doesn’t reward real security, and that’s why you hear about a new breach or attack just about every day. Real security is hard, it’s slow, and it takes vigilance. Agency protects you the same way large organizations and government entities approach their own security- as a process. While no one can guarantee you’ll never be hacked, Agency will be there with you every step of the way. And we think that’s more important - you’ll never face security risks alone again.

Security Tools

Every registered device gets armed with the most advanced suite of security and privacy tools available. Built with the industry’s leading security technology entities and configured to work seamlessly together with our systems, we’re able to give you the best protection for each attack vector.
Our tools provide continuous threat detection and proactive defense against viruses, malware, phishing, ransomware, data theft, and other dangerous cyber threats.
We personally help you install everything on all your devices. Once activated they work seamlessly in the background and you can continue using your devices as normal.


Privacy is a critical part of security so we’ve built it in to everything we do. Leveraging our network security layer and VPN, we protect your privacy by encrypting all your internet traffic and blocking 3rd parties when they eavesdrop on you- whether it’s an app, website, or a malicious wifi network.
Our Opt-Out service takes care of the removal of your information from websites that sell public information like your phone number and address to people and companies.


Agency gives you the intelligence needed to keep yourself safe online. We monitor your accounts for digital identify theft and let you know if your accounts have been compromised. We keep you posted about important vulnerabilities in devices and software that may affect you, and show you how to fix it.
Receive a file or email that you think might be compromised? You’ll be able to send it to us for detailed review any time. Our system analyzes applications and how they use your data to give you insights on how risky they might be.

Monitoring & Support

Our dedicated security support team ensures your devices are safe and are always there when you need them. When something happens our Response Team jumps into action to help from our 24/7 Security Operations Center. You always maintain sole control of your devices, but we will be there with you every step of the way to address issues. If any of our tools detect a potential vulnerability, a live person reviews that information to determine the severity of the problem. We will keep you informed about the details of any vulnerability and how it was dealt with, and if you ever experience a high severity event we jump in to action immediately by giving you a call.


All Agency members get access to our growing list of recommended resources including access to a password manager subscription, recommendations for secure email accounts, encrypted backup, physical security keys, and more.

03. Agency Advantage

Are your accounts compromised?

Get a complimentary dark web scan - Input your email address below and Agency will find any compromises associated with your accounts. For multiple email addresses, separate each full email address with commas.


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