Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about Agency's personal cybersecurity subscriptions and service.

What devices do you support?

We support iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android devices. The version of the software we install varies by device and by the version of the operating system. Certain features are not available on older devices.

Your privacy is our top priority. Agency never has full control over your device and our software can be removed by you at any time. Agency never has access to your emails, photos, text messages, or any files on ANY device. Agency never has access to your passwords nor does our staff have access to your full browser history.

You'll never face threats alone. Regardless of what type of device you have enrolled with us, we're there to help if something goes wrong. Our automated tools are the first line of defense and offense, which neutralize attacks on your device or through the network. But attacks can get past the first-line defenses or sometimes the solution requires a more in-depth technical fix, that's when our Response team goes into action. Sometimes the compromise can occur outside of your device, like on a web-based account, and our team will get in touch to start fixing the problem. Our team will be able to contact you by phone, email, or set up a live screen-share to assess the issues and help solve the problem. We never have control of your devices, so our team will instruct or walk you through the fix together. It's important to backup all your devices with a secure backup tool, like the one we offer, so that your device can be restored in a serious compromise. In certain cases, the attack could be so severe that your device needs to be replaced, worked on by a hardware professional, or sent in for repair. In those cases, our Agency Cyber Guarantee covers you for certain costs involved up to your coverage limit.

How does the live monitoring and response work?

24/7 US-Based Support. Our Security Operations team continuously monitors security events and detections coming in for every device. We'll update you on a regular basis of events that have been triggered and important security information that would be useful to our members. If a severe or critical security event is detected, we'll contact you immediately with the pertinent information and steps that were taken. Most attacks are neutralized before they can cause any damage to your devices or data. However, some require more in-depth steps or a technical fix, and in that case, our Response team steps in to help you fix the problem.

What are some examples of things Agency’s Response Team can help with?
Malware, Spyware, Viruses, and Browser-Based Attacks

If your device is compromised beyond our automated tools’ ability to repair the issue, Agency’s Response Team will remediate the problem on your device. If the device can power up and connect to the internet this can usually be done remotely. If the device can no longer power up or connect to the internet, we’ll arrange for the device to be sent in for repairs. Depending on the circumstances, Agency’s cyber coverage will provide for costs related to repairs, replacement, the use of a temporary device, etc.- up to your plan’s coverage limit.

If a personal online account (like an email or social media account) is stolen or ransomed, Agency will assist in recovering the account. This includes helping work with outside agencies and third parties. The user’s assistance to provide documentation and reports to law enforcement may be required. Depending on the circumstance, Agency’s cyber coverage can provide for loss of use, loss of income, and cover costs to recover the account including the potential to pay the ransom up to your plan’s coverage limit.

In the event of a phishing or social engineering attack Agency will assist with both the technical remediation of any compromised devices or accounts, as well as with the financial theft of funds. Depending on the circumstances, stolen funds, legal costs, and other associated costs may be covered as part of our ID Theft and loss of funds coverage.

In the event that a device is compromised by Ransomware, Agency will assist in the remediation of the device and recovery if the member has backups. Depending on the circumstances, Agency’s cyber coverage may pay for the costs related to remediating the issue, repair or replacement of the device, loss of use, loss of income, and potentially paying the ransom.

Agency Members have access to Identity Theft coverage and monitoring. In the event of a covered identity theft attack members receive support for remediation, credit repair, legal costs, and loss of funds. Depending on the circumstance this coverage applies to financial identity theft, medical identity theft, criminal identity theft, tax identity theft, and many others.